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5 Useful Mac Apps for IT Students

The Macintosh has gained huge popularity among IT students in fields from CS to MIS these days, especially because of Apple’s generous student discounts. Once you have purchased a new PC, it is good to become familiar with the best apps that will help you polish your designing, coding, or utility skills.

Here are the top 5 extremely helpful Mac apps for IT students:


Sketch makes your life so much simpler as a modern UX designer. The app helps you unleash your imagination through designing websites, interface, logos, and much more. Sketch is much easier to use than Dreamweaver, and its files are more developer-friendly than PSDs. However, novice designers may find this app unmanageable due to the advancements it carries.

As for the features offered by Sketch – the app comes up with adaptable vector shapes, Boolean operations that allow you to create complex designs, amazing dynamic properties, layer styles, reusable elements, symbols, pages and art boards, grids and grid tool, and much more.

Sketch was built specifically for the Mac operating system and leverages the full potential of Apple’s framework. From the raw graphics power of Quartz to the crispness of Retina screens and innumerable usability features, the app indulges your imagination and meets your expectations.


ScreenFlow is an amazing screencasting application that will record anything happening on your Mac screen. It also monitors your keystrokes and mouse movements, which makes it unique in itself. The app comes with an easy-to-use editing interface that allows you to creatively edit videos, as well as add music, text, and other interactive elements to make professional-looking screencasts.

You can utilize the zoom function in videos to add a professional touch to your screencasts. It’s easy to export videos in MP4, MOV, M4V, or even GIF format to directly publish on YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.  

ScreenFlow is a great solution for educators, game and app developers, bloggers, and anyone wanting to create polished-looking videos to help their job.


Dash is an indispensable masterpiece, developed specifically for coders. It is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. It allows you to instantly search documentation for 150+ APIs; simply select the desired documentation and Dash will handle the rest, making sure the documentations are kept up to date.

To top things off, Dash allows you to generate your own docsets as well as request or download docsets from third-party sources like Hex, Cheat Sheets, Dart, PHP, etc. Dash also features lots of amazing integration plug-ins and features such as instant search, easy integration with other apps, keyboard shortcuts, Retina support, iOS remotes, and much more.


If you don’t want to memorize all of your passwords, LastPass is the perfect app for you. This application for Mac allows you to manage your Vault directly from your desktop screen – you can launch your websites into your default browser for automatic login.

With this convenient app, you can enjoy faster online logins, a streamlined workflow, and online security with real-time analysis of the your password’s strength level. You can even replace or generate new passwords to protect your digital identity.


Tower makes using GIT for version control easy and efficient. The app comes with an elegant and comprehensive interface as well as features that let you leverage the power of GIT to the fullest.

Tower has lots of functions like drag and drop, and mistakes can be rolled back easily with nothing but a click of the mouse. Advanced users achieve enhanced productivity due to features like file history, discard chunks/lines, single line staging, etc.