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5 skills Students Need to Futureproof Their Careers

There are few people who can say that the advancement in technology has not impacted their lives positively. Through these advancements, we have been able to save time and have experiences that we never even envisioned in the past. There is no doubt that technology has its place in the world. However, the rate of technological advancements come at a cost.

A study done by Oxford University in 2013 reported that almost half of the population of US workers stands to have their jobs taken over by robots in the near future. This means that for you to remain relevant in the future, you must acquire necessary skills that will guarantee you a job.

Skills that will help you secure a job in the future

Regardless of the alarming reports, there is no need to panic. The reality is that there is no way that these robots can do everything. Hence, students must acquire the necessary skills that will enable them to work along with these machines and perform tasks that they will never be able to do.

Let’s examine some of the skills that will be relevant in the future.


This is the most obvious skill that will be needed in the future. As a matter of fact, acquiring this skill is not only essential for securing a job, but also survival. Since we are destined to be engulfed with technology, it makes sense that we have a full understanding of it.

Skills that will secure a job include creation, support, maintenance, programming, operating, and overseeing the very innovations that will take over the world. This is because there will always be a need for humans to perform these tasks. Furthermore, the safest jobs in the future will be in this field.


Creativity will take students very far in future proofing their careers. Employers value creativity in their employees since it will allow them to be flexible, proactive, adaptable, collaborative, and resilient. In a world that is constantly changing, workers will need the creativity to adapt to these changes quickly, or risk affecting the establishment in a negative way.

Furthermore, creativity is one of the skills that machines are not likely to do better than humans anytime soon. Therefore, students should seek to develop this crucial skill.


The job market in its present state is already very competitive. Therefore, one can imagine the job market climate a few years from now when machines swallow up a large percentage of occupations. This makes it necessary for students to have networking skills where they can build and nurture connections that can help them professionally.

It is time for students to put away any fear of interaction and develop the skill of communicating with others since it may very well boil down to who you know.

Multiple Competencies

To keep up with competition, students need a backup plan. It is advisable for students to also expose themselves to skills that are outside of their major interest. This will foster flexibility and help you to stand out in the job market since you will have added skills to bring to the table.

Added to that, you will have to option to switch fields as the need arises.


The world belongs to those who can do several things at once successfully. This is because the skill of multitasking will save a company both time and money. Having the skill of multitasking will be an asset since employers believe that hiring someone who can multitask will eliminate the need to make several hires. This means that multitasking will not only get you employed but also help you keep your job.

You should also bear in mind that successful multitasking does not necessarily mean doing a whole lot of things at once, but rather paying attention to multiple details.

Other points to consider

With the impending takeover by machines, students should think about choosing career paths that are future proof. Here are some useful tips that will help you choose wisely.

  •     Focus on careers that keep up with the technological boom. Any job that involves STEM is a great choice.
  •     Do not focus on jobs that can be easily done by machines, such as cashiers and customer service representatives.
  •     Think about jobs that machines may not be able to do. Jobs that involve a great deal of empathy or creativity will be a good fit.
  •     Be futuristic and open minded to accommodate changes, even those that you never thought were possible.

After giving much thought about what lies ahead, you may be forced to make some changes to your career life. Be brave enough to start now – with a few adjustments, you will be just fine.